Box of Fun Subscription: Core Values

Box of Fun Subscription: Core Values

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One Year of Deliveries, Shipped to your Door! 

Why order just one when you purchase six and have fun at work all year long? Introducing the fun dept.'s Box of Fun Club. We will ship you our current boxes every other month (for a whole year!). Use your activities to enhance your meetings, on boarding, employee appreciation days, or just to take a quick break during the work week!  Each box is designed for 4-20 employees for approximately 15 minute break.  To include: Football Bocce, Puzzled, Pony Up, Picnic on the Fly, Who-nique, and Pie Tie.

Our recommendation is one box for up to 50 employees and/or one for each of your locations. Set up a friendly competition between departments each month and watch how much more productive, creative, and communicative your team will be!

Email with any questions you may have before you place your order or just get to it! Time for #funandhappinessatwork